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missmerrymary asked: (2 of 2) Did your students seem more motivated/engaged when reading YAL? Did you see improvements in student learning when using YAL?

Hi there. I teach 9th and 10th grade. I do integrate YAL in my classes and do see a bit more motivation. This year we read Devil’s Arithmetic and they really enjoyed it and it made teaching Night so much easier.  I will tell you they were very excited to read Shakespeare. I was able to get my hands on “No Fear” copies of Julius Caesar as well as Romeo and Juliet. We started reading the modern text, but by the end of Act 1 all of my kids wanted to start reading the original text. This is the third year I have experienced this. I will say this about YAL: the kids in my book club love it. I recently started a book club at school and although some kids wanted to read classics like 1984, a large number wanted nothing but YAL. Because of budget constraints it is hard to get copies of YAL. Most schools I have worked in have all the classics, but very few YAL titles.

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