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Kudos from my Principal

Last Friday as I walked passed my principal’s office on the way to sign in for the day, she called me in to her office. She told me how she wanted to “brag on me.” She’s from Georgia so I assumed this was a southern expression concerning something good I’ve done. She said she heard from the assistant principal about my most recent walk through. He told her I am doing an amazing job and gave her a rundown of some of the stuff I do in my classroom. She thanked me and I thanked her for telling me. I almost wished she would tell me they would stop doing the walk throughs, but whatever. I’m scrappy and I do what I am told. I guess hearing that I am doing a good job makes the inconvenience a less bitter pill. I do love teaching and I really don’t want to do anything else. I guess I will just keep my nose to grindstone and vent online. 

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Another day, another mistake

Last week I was assigned a new student in my 6th period class. No big deal. The kid was obviously troubled. He was defiant and didn’t want to do any work. I’ve only known him a few days, so I was still trying to inspire him to get on the bandwagon. Today he had a hissy fit in the middle of class asking me to write a letter to his probation officer about his behavior (which was awful BTW I don’t know why he even asked). I told him we could discuss it after class. He ranted and raved, but my kids did not give him the audience he was hoping for. I continued my lesson and he eventually calmed down.

A few minutes later a female student arrived with a late pass from one of our administrators. She has been out for almost 2 weeks. Something happened in school, she was involved in a fight and I never got the full story nor was I asked to send work home which is the procedure when a kid is on suspension. The new kid freaks out and starts screaming at her. I ask her to stay in the hallway while I call for an administrator to remove him from class. I return to the hallway where my female student is crying and shaking. She confides in me that she knows the boy and has an order of protection from 3 of his friends because they sexually assaulted her.

I was livid that this young man was moved into my class by the administrators who are totally aware what is going on. I sent a scathing note and CC’d my principal asking for some information on what the hell was going on. The assistant principal basically replied back and said “Whoops. I moved him to another class.” She actually said “whoops” in the email.

This was more than 6 hours ago and I am still upset. Who are some of these administrators and why are they so disengaged, but expect teachers to be on top of everything?

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Principal Meeting Today

In response to all the drama concerning the “walk-throughs” at my school, the principal called us all in for a group meeting. She explained how things are evolving in our district and these “tactics” are meant to help teachers get on the right track. I like my principal and I would not watch to be in her shoes (although she has awesome shoes BTW). Apparently there are many veteran teachers who do not write lesson plans or work on “rigor” in their teaching. Many of them have approached her and complained they have been doing this for 10, 15, 20, 30 years and don’t feel they need to change.  I get it, but I am a new teacher. I just graduated on 2011 and I do everything I am asked (and then some). I am a documenting fiend. I am constantly reading best practices and incorporating the common core in my work. Why should I be  tortured? It’s just so annoying and demeaning. I say go after the people who aren’t doing their jobs and leave the rest of us alone.

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The Honeymoon is Over

I am in my second year teaching at the same school. I love my students and I love being a teacher, but the tide is changing. My administration has started weekly “walk-throughs” in our classes. They claim they aren’t “gotchas,” yet they are tracking the data. I always do my best in the classroom, but today I was having a bad day. Of course my assistant principal walked through took some notes and walked out. I kind of resent this weekly drive by. I think they should focus on the teachers who are doing a shitty job every day. I find it demoralizing to have an administrator in my classroom once a week. I am grateful to have a job, but I totally understand why so many new teachers don’t stick around and quit within the first 5 years of teaching.

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This is Sam Pepper. If you don’t know who he is, Sam is a successful YouTube prankster with over 2 million subscribers. He recently uploaded a video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pink Prank" where he pinched unsuspecting girls’ butts without their permission. None of this was done with the girls’ consent…meaning Sam Pepper sexually harassed and assaulted these women.

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This piece of garbage, right here, should be prosecuted for this.